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The Underground Queer Martha

Jul. 19th, 2007

07:35 am - Kickin' it old skool

So you know the girl in the teepee? Well I just spent the most amazing weekend ever with her and I had to share it with someone. Who better than you, dearest Martha?

I got us a hotel room in San Francisco for the weekend (she works at our sister camp so I only see her over weekend breaks), and we spent long nights and longer mornings snuggling, spooning, making out, fucking and talking. Then on Sunday afternoon she put on a shirt and tie for me, I wore my little black babydoll dress and we went out in the Castro. We ate lunch in a diner, then walked around holding hands, looking all cute and loved up. We paid a visit to Good Vibes where I just about restrained myself from maxing out my credit card, then we made a late-night drive to a deserted beach where we walked until it got too cold and then snuggled in the car with strawberries and chocolate. Pretty much perfect. I am so smitten, you can't even imagine. She's just the right amount of butch to my lazy femme (even though she doesn't necessarily identify that way entirely) and is the most respectful, considerate and well-balanced person I've ever dated. A great complement to me.

Ok, time for breakfast with the kids. Hope all is well. I check this periodically and appreciate your comments on the last post. Will try to update more when I'm not on crappy dial-up. Love to all. xx

Jul. 6th, 2007

08:55 am

So I woke up this morning in a teepee on top of a mountain in California, being fucked by a hot girl I'm crazy about.

And you?

Apr. 15th, 2007

04:23 pm - x-posted from my journal at snoopy's suggestion

The only gay bookshop in the UK, Gay's the Word in London, is having financial problems and is in danger of closing: see here. I've only been there a couple of times, but it's a great place, and I think that what it represents is incredibly important; and there are so few great independent bookshops left in the UK. (Tangentially, my eternal favourite wee Scottish one still seems to be going strong).

One of the ways they are asking for support is by having people sponsor shelves, at £100 a go.

I haven't got a spare £100, but I could probably give £20 or £25 from my residual British overdraft; slemslempike is in the same situation (well, apart from the residual overdraft part). elysistrata and snoopymccrew are up for it, but as we're all totally skint we'd like to spread the cost a bit more!

Would anyone like to come in on sponsoring a shelf with us? The more people, the less money it will cost each. We could have the shelf dedicated to the Underground Queer Martha and friends...

(It's about $2 to the £, and I could be the source of $-£ conversion if anybody without access to a British bank account wanted to donate).

Apr. 13th, 2007

01:56 pm - Oops

Just realised that I said there might be triggers in my previous post and then totally ended up not writing about the thing with triggers in it. My bad. So just forget it.

08:58 am - A development you say? (Possible triggers below)

Thanks for your comments re: the Canadian. I text her to say I couldn't meet her today but that I hoped she'd be around some other time. She text back to say she was actually going to be working in Bristol on Tuesday and did I want to meet then instead. I told her that would be great and asked where she would be working so I could meet her near there. She replied that the work thing was a lie and she was actually going to just visit Bristol so we could go out.

I'm simultaneously sketched out (we've only exchanged a few messages!) and excited to be throwing caution to the wind. I mean, if we meet and she sucks at life, I don't have to see her again, right? Her emails and text are very flirty and forward and imply that she has a healthy attitude and open mind where sex is concerned. I like that.

I'm not expecting fireworks because I'm all too aware of how meetings IRL often fail to meet the expectations cultivated through online communication. But what the hell.

I also have a 3rd date with a hot rugby player I met online next week.

Apr. 12th, 2007

09:46 pm - It's all about the Canadians...

So remember that Canadian girl who was studying in Wales? The one who emailed me through the dating site and was funny and interesting?

Well we've exchanged a few messages now and I'm getting quite the crush! Her favourite director is Tarantino (mine too), she's in academia (my career path too, albeit in a different field), she's hilariously funny (I like laughing), she loves to give backrubs (I love to get them), she's Canadian (so...not Danish), and she's a hottie! She looks like a little bit like Shane from The L Word in 2 of her photos but without being so skeletal.

She's actually going to be doing some research in Bristol tomorrow and asked if I'd like to meet up if I didn't think it was too forward or too soon. I really want to but I can't because I'm picking up Danish Pastry from the airport. Damnit! Not only does the girl jilt me for a hairy minger, she stops me getting laid by cute Canadians too!

Apr. 11th, 2007

11:02 am - A rare thing indeed

I have received 2 messages through the aforementioned dating site from - gasp! - a girl who is funny, intelligent and hot! She's a Canadian girl (what is it with those foxy Canadians?) but is living in south Wales while she studies. She's charming, witty and flirty and her profile sounds great so I replied this morning.

In other news, my ex (Danish Pastry for those who followed on my LJ) is visiting this Friday for 2 days. It's her attempt to apologise and make nice before we have to work together this summer. And no, I won't be sleeping with her. The thought of touching her makes me feel rather sick given that images of her getting it on with her hairy and unattractive girlfriend are floating around my mind. Plus she just wasn't that good.

I've booked us day passes to Center Parcs so we can have fun without having to talk too much. Because I don't have a whole lot to say to her. Nothing that's nice anyway. But I'll give her a chance.

Ooh, (I'm on a roll) went to London yesterday and splurged in the gay bookstore. I got The Transgender Studies Reader and a book about homosexuality in childhood called Sissies and Tomboys. I had the latest Michelle Tea book in my hand as well but couldn't justify spending that much at once so I'll get it some other time.

Jun. 17th, 2006

11:37 pm - Martha does Femme?

Picture this: the one and only Underground Queer Martha in real physical bodily togetherness, surrounded by queer fabulousness and hot grrrls and bois.

I can't really afford the flights, but it actually fits into my schedule and I'm dying to see the Bay Area again. I'll stretch my pocket if you will:

Femme Conference 2006, August 10-13 in San Francisco.

I have at least one friend I can stay with in San Francisco, though I don't think she has any extra beds. I can ask, though.

C'mon, ping_win and battygurl, it's right up your street and on your coast!

I can hang out with the Martha at Femme 2006!


If I want to get the cheap flights I should book 'em now, and so should you. I'm pretty sure indigoblack is going.

Mar. 2nd, 2006

06:07 pm - Politics of the Body - March 9, 2006 - USC!

PLEASE JOIN US for the 2nd panel of the “Politics of the Body”!

Thursday, March 9: Mediating Subcultural Deviance

5:30-8:00pm / Doheny Library 240
light dinner and refreshments provided

E. Patrick Johnson
Associate Professor of Performance Studies, Northwestern University
Camp Revival: Queering Male Bodies in the Black Church

Kathleen LeBesco
Associate Professor of Communication Arts, Marymount Manhattan College
Moral Panics and Health Terrors: Rethinking Fatness During the “Obesity

Alma Lopez
Visual Artist, Los Angeles
Title TBA

Moderated by Stefanie Snider, PhD Student, Department of Art History

Graduate student lunch with panelists the day of each panel, 12 noon to 2pm,
VKC 379
For more information on the series contact: Emily Hobson: hobson@usc.edu /
Stefanie Snider: ssnider@usc.edu

The Politics of the Body: 3 panels at USC € February 9, March 9, and April 3 €
Spring 2006

The Politics of the Body is organized by USC graduate students with the support
of the Academic Professionalization Program of the College of Letters, Arts and
Sciences. The series addresses the embodied structures of race, gender, and
sexuality in social movements, performance, and contemporary life. Program
sponsors: USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences € Center for Feminist
Research € Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) € Department of Art
History € Program in American Studies & Ethnicity € Visual Studies Research Lab
€ Program in Gender Studies € Department of Anthropology € Department of
English € Department of Sociology € Department of Comparative Literature €

x-posted a lot!

Feb. 19th, 2006

09:46 am - Gay Day

Just had to tell you (and by 'tell you' I mean brag) about the fabulous day I had with heyiya yesterday during my visit to London.

First we went to Gay's the Word, a most fabulous queer bookstore. I think it has some claim like it's the biggest in the UK or someting. Or maybe Europe. I don't know. But I do know that it was raided in 1984 under obscenity laws. I digress. The bookstore is awesome and we made purchases. I bought a book of lesbian cowboy erotica to further my current obsession with all things Western and my ongoing obsession with all things lesbian.

Then we moved on to a gay cafe which was as fabulous as it sounds and even the vegetarian nosh was yummy! We couldn't find a table so two lesbians said we could sit with them and it was the nicest a stranger has been to me since I arrived in London on Wednesday. See? The queers do it every time.

Next was a queer bar (a lesbian bar?) and that was also peachy.

To end our night we went to see Brokeback Mountain again with a bizarre audience who laughed at all the wrong bits.

Could a gayer day be had? All of this was of course interspersed with talks of queer academia and I have decided the following:

1. When I am a professor, I will teach classes on very gay things. I will be the hot, older, wiser professor and all my young, hot babydyke students will want to sleep with me.

2. Heyiya and I will one day edit anthologies of lesbian fabulousness.

That is all, darling Martha. Oh! Except that you should all totally go to the Femme conference this summer in San Francisco. I will try to find a link for it. I am trying to work out if I have that weekend free but I hope I do because that would be rather quite wonderful, even more so if the Martha was in attendance.

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